1986 BMW 540i (BMW V8 Swapped E28)

I've wanted to revisit the E28 chassis since getting my first nearly a decade ago. I was finally able to jump back in with an example I was very excited to find. It has been a California Car it's whole life, and started off as a 535i. It has been mostly refreshed, wearing a fresh coat of Schwarz Black Paint, and the interior has been redone in Brown Buffalo Leather. While not an option in e28s, this is a period correct premium leather option available on the 7 Series of the same vintage. 

The car has been upgraded to a more modern power plant with an M60 V8 out of a BMW E38 740i, which is a DOHC 4.0L that really embraces the german muscle cars vibe present in the E28. It has been paired with a 5 Speed Manual and Lightweight Flywheel to really liven up the driving experience. To help accommodate the addition power and torque of the V8, it is sitting on ground control coilovers, with modified subframes front and rear to allow proper geometry, and alignment at its lower ride height. 

While great to drive at the moment, and still a looker, it is going to be getting a visual overhaul in the coming months with a full chrome euro bumper conversion to match the euro headlights, as well as a new set of wheels.


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