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2011 Mercedes Benz G55 AMG

My new daily driven workhorse, and off-road machine. There is just something charming about dual solid axle frame trucks, and it would seem Mercedes agrees, keeping the G-Wagon as its longest running production of a chassis. Despite the modern motor and leather interior, they are still Military Trucks at heart, with a nearly identical chassis and body to the original design released all the way back in 1979, when it was first offered for sale as a road going truck to civilians.  Still offered only as a triple differential locked truck, they are incredibly capable off road, although rarely used as such. In this specification it is equipped with a 5.4L Kompressed V8, making 500HP and 516ftlbs or torque. While that was perhaps an overreaction to my frustrations with my prior 1988 Landcruiser struggling on the freeway up hills, the power is a more than welcome addition, as well as the additional luxury for daily use.

To get the car back to it's roots, and make it more capable for off-road ventures a slew of parts were sourced for it. It was lifted 2.5" via ORC Springs paired with Koni Raid shocks. The factory 19" AMG wheels were swapped out for 18" AMG wheels, powder coated black and wrapped in 32" BFGoodrich KO2 tires, with a matching spare and spare flip kit. The side steps were deleted and a MBRP exhaust was installed to increase clearance over the factory side exit exhaust. Lighting was backdated to the earlier amber units, as well as a backdated grille to get the truck back to its more function focused styling. 

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