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2005 Porsche 911 Carrera S Launch Edition

I purchased this car in July of 2016, and have made significant progress towards making it into my vision of the ideal modern 911. It took a good bit of searching to find this particular example, and I couldn't be happier with its configuration. It is a low-mileage launch edition vehicle, meaning it came with literally every option box ticked, including my personal favorite, the carbon ceramic brakes. It is in exceptional condition for its age, and was a great canvas to begin from. 

I worked with BBS Motorsport USA to source a brand new set of BBS E88 in their classic motorsport gold. The wheels are 19x9" and 19x12" taking advantage of all the fender room on my narrow body 997, and are wrapped in the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. completing my no-compromise wheel and tire setup. While the wheels do not come with a center cap option from BBS, Closed Course Motorsport provided a solution allowing me to run a standard 3D BBS cap, giving a finished touch to the wheels. 

As an alternate set of street wheels, I partnered with Fifteen52 and Magnus Walker to help launch the new Outlaw 001M wheel, a modern forged mono block take on the classic Fuch wheel. It pairs perfectly with the classic 911 shape, and harkens back to the history of the 911, while similarly to the car, being updated with modern design and technology. The brushed aluminum with matte black pockets works to create a very OEM+ feel, and a fun contrast to the motorsport vibes the E88 provide. 

Suspension was the next thing I tackled on the car, deciding on upgrading to the Porsche 997 GT3 OEM Coilovers which would allow me to keep the electronically adjustable damping. This also gave me the ability to lower the car and have it corner weighted. I spent many hours researching various solutions, and decided to stick with the Porsche option in the end. Mono-ball camber plates directly from Porsche were added in the front, tightening up steering feel, and allowing the additional camber needed for ideal geometry.


A Fabspeed Carbon Fiber competition intake and Fabspeed exhaust has been installed to allow the motor to breathe more freely. Interior wise I have already performed quite a few upgrades. A GT3 Alcantara Steering wheel and Shift Knob have been sourced, as well as a leather wrapped radio, A/B/C Pillars and door handle surrounds. The hard shell seat backs of Sport Plus seats and the center console have been painted to match the exterior color, a big visual improvement over the factory volcano grey finish.


OEM Porsche Sport Design all-red tail lights have already been sourced and installed, as well as clear turn signals.   

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