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1995 BMW M3 Slicktop

I have been trying to hunt down a Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Coupe for a number of years now, and was very excited to secure this example. It's a 1995 so gets the single year S50 OBD1 3.0L Inline 6, along with some other unique to 1995 tidbits. It was ordered with performance in mind, with literally zero options, and a deletion of the factory included sunroof. Wearing the launch color for the E36 M3 over a black interior, it was my ideal US spec. It recently had a respray done by a BMW dealer in the factory Dakar Yellow, and also received all exterior rubbers and plastics when this was done, removing the wear of 25+ years.

It was purchased to enjoy the various roads around Los Angeles, in particular the Santa Monica mountains, and will be modded to further suit this. Currently it has received Recaro Profi SPG XL, as well as an Alcantara wrapped BMW MTech 1 steering wheel, and Rennstall Delrin Shiftknob. The Dinan Exhaust and AFE Intake help liven up the motor response wise, as well as improving the sound dramatically. The car currently features Bilstein Suspension but will be receiving full coilovers and camber plates, along with new wheels to fit wider tires. The end goal is to have a car that is a nod to the M3 LTW, without trying to fully replicate it. 

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