1986 EURO E28 BMW 525E

This e28 was purchased completely stock in 2011. It was a gray-market car, so it featured the far more attractive european slim chrome bumpers, and staggered size headlights. The downside was it was a 525e, meaning it got a very weak M20 powerplant producing less than 150hp. This needed to be remedied, and a Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 1JZ-GTE motor was sourced. Shortly after I installed the Toyota motor, the factory twin turbos were replaced with a far larger single turbo, which allowed the car to produce well over 400 horsepower at the rear wheels, giving it the bite to match its visual bark. The wheels were true vintage HRE 501, custom lipped to fit the cars radiused rear fenders, which it sat down on with the aid of an Airlift Performance crafter kit. To round these modifications out a Euro M5 lip was sourced, along with E12 mirrors and door handles, and a custom chrome surround on the headlight grilles to produce a vintage effect. Make sure to click the buttons below to see articles with far more information , and check out the video!